Coding Dojo Web UI/UX Design

When I’m not designing digital and print collateral for the marketing team, I’m also managing updates to the website, designing landing pages and collaborating on any redesign of the site. One of the biggest projects I’ve collaborated on included an entire redesign of our website. This started in iterations; First order of business was to cut down on bloated content, of which stretched our previous site design to a whopping 76 pages! Working with the team’s copywriter and other designers, we whittled it down to 35 and improved the navigation by also getting rid of the hamburger navigation and introducing a more universal approach with a top navigation bar. For the product pages, we implemented a left-nav to help the user better navigate through the various types of content that existed on a long scrollable page.

This represents the old navigation that only consisted of a hamburger menu which opened out and took up the entire screen. There were also too many navigation links. See below.

This represents the new navigation that was implemented with only the most important touch points in mind. This direction advocated for what the customer wanted to learn/do right off the bat so usability improved significantly.

This site map represents the final pages organized neatly under the main umbrellas.